Customize your Travel Alerts in 10 minutes- Never miss a flight deal again!


Missed another great deal?  Keep your chin up, champ. That travel envy isn’t going anywhere without a little preparation.  According to the National Travel and Tourism Office, the rate of Americans traveling abroad increased by 8.2 percent year over year which is good news for you.  More people on planes=more flights. Airlines see this data and want to tap into the demand by offering up too good to be true travel deals to capture more of the market.  This quick guide will walk you through who to follow and how to set up your travel alerts so you don’t miss out on these deals again!

Set up a new Gmail account

To start, putting your travel alerts into one email is going to save you time and sanity.  Create a new Gmail account named something like “ChrisTravel” or “StuffIcantafford” etc.  You want to link this to your smartphone.

Go to Settings -> Mail – > Accounts -> Add Account

We will be using this email to send all notifications for subscriptions/travel notifications/flight information in the future.

Apps to download


Hopper – This app is different because it uses an algorithm to tell you whether to wait or to buy.  You can set your travel alerts for dates and times in the future.

SkyScannerThis app lets you set specific alerts for destinations and time periods in the future.  Feeling adventurous? You are able to search for the cheapest flights from your city to anywhere in the world by month.

Airline companies to follow on Facebook


Volaris Air The airline to follow for deals to Mexico. They consistently have flash sales for different locations in Mexico.   For instance, right now if you are flying within Mexico it is 50% off with code VMX50 from January- March.  I’m talking directly to those San Diegans out there- Fly from Tijuana!

Alaska AirHubs currently located in Anchorage, Los Angeles, Portland, and Seattle.  They offer more nonstop flights from Seattle than any other carrier.  They currently serve US, Mexico, Canada, Costa Rica, and soon Cuba.  Alaska Air is known for constantly having sales on their flights. Select your city and subscribe here.

Frontier AirAlways low fare deals into/out of Denver and Las Vegas among many other cities. Scroll to bottom and subscribe here.

Southwest AirBased out of Dallas Love Field, they are famous for their low-cost airfare, no baggage fees on first 2 checked bags, and great service.  I always use them when I am traveling to ski to avoid the oversized baggage fees. They have ongoing promotions on the West Coast currently trying to wrestle market share away for commuter flights between LA, San Diego, and San Francisco. Scroll to bottom and subscribe here.

Wow Air Based out of Reykjavik, Iceland, this airline has become a household name this past year.  If you live in LA, Boston, Washington DC, Miami, Newark, Pittsburgh, or San Francisco, this airline offers cheap transatlantic flights to popular destinations all over Europe.  As they continue their market penetration efforts, they will continue to offer blockbuster flight deals to get you overseas.  This is the airline I flew to Iceland for dirt cheap! Scroll to bottom and Subscribe here.

Jet Blue Air Well known airline out of New York.  They will have frequent travel deals to New York, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, and other international locations.   Subscribe here.

Virgin AmericaWell known from its previous owner Richard Branson, Virgin Airlines provides a world class service all over America and abroad.  You can set up travel notifications from your city here .

Travel Deal Sites


(First link will take you to Facebook to follow.  Second link will take you to the website to subscribe to the email list.)

Travel PiratesMy outright favorite travel site to follow.  If you have read my other articles about traveling to Iceland and Costa Rica, then you have read about Travel Pirates. They focus mostly on US flights flying internationally.  I have flown my past two international trips based on information they have provided.  If you live in New York, Dallas, Orlando, LA, San Francisco, or Washington DC, this company will give you the swiftest updates on where and when to travel.  Subscribe here.

AirfareWatchdogGenerally the same as Travel Pirates, but articles can range from travel tips to airfare deals.  Their airfare deals usually have titles that are not descriptive in terms of where the flights leave from nor when.  Subscribe here.
 The Flight Deal– This is an up and coming travel site with great deals from major metropolitan cities. You are able to filter out the airport you are leaving from and get deals sent directly to you. Subscribe here.

Secret FlyingIncludes deals for flights between countries from overseas, but also sprinkles in US deals that can be useful.  Subscribe here.

Google FlightsAn unquestionably underutilized tool for travel.  Sign in with your newly created Gmail account and start tracking flight prices.  Once you find a flight you like, you can select to track it and it will show up in your “tracked” tab.  It also will send you notifications if the flight prices change. Google tends to have more listings from airlines than most of the typical travel sites like Expedia or Priceline. Although, Google does not have the capability to apply a promo code for a flight deal. Best practice to follow all of these sites as mentioned above to make sure you get notifications directly for all of the promo codes!

Comment below for any other recommendations for good sites to follow.

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Born in Houston, Texas and raised in Arkansas, Chris is living vicariously through himself as a corporate escape artist and self-proclaimed decreaser of world sucking. Currently based out of San Diego, he graduated from Arkansas with a dual degree in finance and economics and is a travel writer, entrepreneur, and project manager. He thoroughly enjoys traveling, humor, and beer so he created Hops On Planes. He prefers his puns intended and speaking in 3rd person.


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